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From Global Crisis to Global Justice:
Transport Workers Fighting Back!

What is the ITF?
The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) is a global organisation representing over 4.5 million transport workers in some 700 trade unions in over 150 countries worldwide

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What is the ITF congress?
Congress is the ITF’s supreme decision making event, at which its affiliated trade unions are able to decide the course the organisation will take for the next four years. It elects the ITF’s executive board, president, vice presidents and general secretary

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What’s happening at congress?

Congress is being reported live. The timetable and other documents are here . Press releases are here

Can press attend?

Press are encouraged to register in advance; places are limited and it may not be possible to turn up and secure one

Are there photos of congress?

Photos for press use are here - you are invited to use them gratis. No credit is required

How can I find out more?

Visit the dedicated website www.itfcongress2014.org

Who is the press contact?

The press contact during the 43rd ITF congress is Darrin Barnett. Tel: +61 428 119 703. Email: darrin.barnett@mua.org.au

Facebook: facebook.com/itfglobal

Twitter: @ITFglobalunion