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Congress delegates learned who their new representatives at the ITF executive board will be this morning. The executive board is drawn entirely from the ITF affiliate base, and has overall responsibility for the ITF between congresses.

Executive decisions

We’re pleased to confirm that the following people have been voted onto the executive board:

Paddy Crumlin, MUA, Australia

Africa/Arab World: Zenzo Mahlanghu, SATAWU, South Africa
Asia-Pacific: CA Rajasridhar, AIRF, India
Europe: Lars Lindgren, STF, Sweden
Latin America & Caribbean: Julio Sosa, LA FRATERNIDAD, Argentina
North America: John Baker, ILA, United States
Women: Brigitta Paas, FNV, Netherlands (2014-2016), Ekaterina Yordanova, FTTUB, Bulgaria (2016-2018)

Regional members:

Julio Sosa, LA FRATERNIDAD, Argentina
Severino Almeida Filho, CONTTMAF, Brazil
Benito Bahena, ATM, Mexico
Arlette Gay, STCLA, Chile
Peter Kennedy, UNIFOR, Canada
Sito Pantoja, IAM, United States
John Baker, ILA, United States
Terri Mast, ILWU, United States
Robert Scardeletti, TCU, United States

Paddy Crumlin, MUA, Australia
CA Rajasridhar, AIRF, India
Hanafi Rustandi, KPI, Indonesia
Yasumi Morita, JSU, Japan
Kazuya Fijii, SHITETSU-SOREN, Japan
Kyeong Doo Yeom, FKSU, Korea
Conrado Oca, AMOSUP, Philippines
Mary Liew, SMOU, Singapore
Leslie Devendra, SLNSS, Sri Lanka

Roman Hebenstreit, VIDA, Austria
Serge Piteljon, CGSP, Belgium
Ekaterina Yordanova, FTTUB, Bulgaria
Predrag Brazzoduro, SUC, Croatia
Jan Villadsen, 3F, Denmark
Kaia Vask, EMSA, Estonia
Arto Sorvali, AKT, Finland
Patrick Hurel, FEETS-FO, France
Christine Behle, VERDI, Germany
Alexander Kirchner, EVG, Germany
Len McCluskey, UNITE, Great Britain
Steve Todd, RMT, Great Britain
Remo di Fiore, FIT-CISL, Italy
Igors Pavlovs, LSUMG, Latvia
Brigitta Paas, FNV, Netherlands
Nikolay Nikiforov, ROSPROFZHEL, Russia
Miguel Angel Cilleros Sanchez, SMC-UGT, Spain
Lars Lindgren, STF, Sweden

Africa/Arab World:
Marcel Zante, FSTATB, Burkina Faso
Dorothy Nandera, ATGWU, Uganda
Najeem Usman Yasin Alhaji, NURT, Nigeria
Zenzo Mahlanghu, SATAWU, South Africa
Said El-Hairech, UMT, Morocco

Section chairs:
Oliver Richardson, UNITE, Great Britain (Civil Aviation)
Paddy Crumlin, MUA, Australia (Dockers)
Johnny Hansen, NSU, Norway (Fisheries)
Nick Bramley, NICH, Switzerland (Inland Navigation)
Øystein Aslaksen, NLF, Norway (Rail)
Tony Sheldon, TWU, Australia (Road)
David Heindel, SIU, United States (Seafarers)
Tsuneyasu Goto, Service Rengo, Japan (Tourism)

Women’s committee chair:
Diana Holland, UNITE, Great Britain (Women)

Youth committee chairs:
Travis Harrison, UNIFOR, Canada (2014-2016)
Julian Ariel Sosa Capello, LA FRATERNIDAD, Argentina (2016-2018)
Sharon Li, SOS, Singapore


Workers in the offshore oil and gas sector gathered today to discuss the ongoing issues in the global trade.

Maritime Union of Australia deputy national secretary Mick Doleman, who chaired the meeting, said that the industry was an enormous money-spinner, worth USD200 billion in coming years in Australia alone.

"This means the employers have deep pockets,” he said.

"We can’t conquer them on our own so we need to work together, we need to act as a movement.”

His thoughts were echoed by Hanafi Rustandi, president of the Indonesian Seafarers' Union (KPI), who said countries in his region needed to work together.

Maritime Union of New Zealand national secretary Joe Fleetwood said the recently-formed Regional Maritime Federation (RMF), which brings together maritime unions from Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea would help build strength and capacity in the region.

Fleetwood said it was hoped that Indonesia and Timor Leste would soon join the RMF.

Questions from the floor came from participants from Africa, Brazil, Canada and India.

Severino Almeida from Contmaff in Brazil paid tribute to the work of the ITF offshore task force.


Eleven members of the ITF family received an ITF gold badge. The ITF executive board nominates gold badge recipients in appreciation of outstanding, dedicated and distinguished service.

We are delighted that the following people received the gold badge:

• Susan Ayoyi, Dockworkers Union of Kenya,
• Alicia Castro, Asociación Argentina de Aeronavegantes,
• David Cockroft, retired ITF general secretary,
• The late Bob Crow, National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers,
• Stefan Heimlich, ver.di (chair of the urban transport committee)
• Hylke Hylkema, Nautilus International
• Martin Mayer, Unite the union (chair of the road transport section),
• Greg Myles, Unifor (chair of the ATS committee)
• Tetsuya Oki, STU Service Rengo (chair of the tourism services section)
• The late Barbara Ruthmann, ver.di
• Amparo Sanchez, Federacion Estatal de Transportes Comunicaciones y Mar – UGT,


In the first fully digital congress, thousands of trade unionists played an active role. On social media, activists from Bulgaria to Bolivia all had their say.

This congress was about putting all workers first. Sofia saw the highest number of women and young workers ever involved in congress. And the fringe programme meant delegates had space to debate all the issues transport workers hold dear.

Are you convinced? Look at our infographic below.

Most participatory #ITFcongress2014 ever!